Prescription Information

Prescription medication can be collected from pharmacies and chemists. Your prescription can also be sent electronically to a pharmacy of your choice. If you live more than 1 mile from a pharmacy you can collect your medication from our onsite dispensary.

Hospital Only Prescriptions:

If the hospital has given you with a "Hospital Only" prescription, only the hospital pharmacy can issue those medications. 


Repeat Prescription Processing Time:

We require a minimum of 48 hours to process a repeat prescription request. This allows time to consult your medical records, see if you are due a medical review and check that the medication is on your repeat list. This is then checked again and signed by a doctor.

You many be contacted if you are due a medical review, or if you have requested medication which is not on your repeat list.

Sometimes it may take a little longer:

If the medication is unusual we may need to source it from another supplier.

If you have recently been in hospital, they may have added to or changed your medication. It can take time for the discharge summaries to come through and update our records. If you are aware of a hospital changing your medication please bring a copy of your discharge summary/medication with you to the surgery.

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